Green Clean Energy is Actually Extremely Polluting and Inefficient with Kevin Stocklin – Two Mikes

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Kevin Stocklin who is the director of a new film called “The Shadow State”.

The film was produced by The Epoch Times and can be seen on Epoch Times TV.
 The film covers the creation and current operations of the ESG Movement.

ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance”. The ESG’ers, Mr. Stocklin noted, have a $50 billion war-chest to fund what amount to authoritarian efforts to install wokism, social justice, the climate-change madness, equity, reparations, and and a host of other republic destroying measures. The ESG leaders believe that economic and social problems of today cannot be left to the democratic process and must instead be turned over to un-elected “experts” for solution.

Likewise, the U.S. government is a failing entity that must be replaced by the WEF’s world government. Many major U.S. banks, industries, and businesses are aligned with ESG and are already implementing woke policies. By far the worst of these entities are Vanguard, StateStreet, and Blackrock.
Those three firms hold a 90-percent share of the nation’s big retirement funds, such as those for policemen, firefighters, civil servants, teachers, etc.
In essence, Mr. Stocklin said these investors and other of the country’s corporate leaders have pledged to bring America to NET-0 for carbon dioxide, force social justice projects forward, prevent natural gas from being used in homes and businesses, and force the use of renewable energy sources.

Mr. Stocklin said that the ESG’ers have a huge advantage by controlling the investments made by the enormous retirement funds. Their investment activities with these funds can only lower the returns on the retirees’ money ,as investments in renewable energies return very little profit, not least because renewables are nowhere near able to replace the need for fossil fuels at any point in the foreseeable future, if ever.

Although The ESG’ers give no sign of knowing the truth, the fact is that today 84-percent of the world’s energy needs can only be met by fossil fuels.


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