Is Trump in Trouble? New 2024 Presidential Contender Enters the Race | 1/6/23

Rep. Kevin McCarthy continues his fight for speaker of the House of Representatives as we enter the 13th ballot, but GOPers like Boebert and Gaetz aren’t willing to vote for Kevin McCarthy. What’s the endgame here? If you thought the 2024 presidential race was going to be boring, guess again, because Donald Trump’s ex-national security adviser John Bolton reveals on “Good Morning Britain” that he will be running for president and tells the host, “I am not a vanity candidate.” Today is the J6 anniversary, and we still have political prisoners. Joseph McBride, lawyer, joins the podcast to discuss the political prisoners who are still waiting in prison. When will they all be released from prison? Investigation shows that Ferring Pharmaceuticals, the company that markets the drug triptorelin as a puberty blocker, funded the original study that led to “gender-affirming care” for minors. Why is pharma funding this?

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