LOL: Dave Rubin Reacts to the Most Hilariously Insane Clips of 2022

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” reacts to the most insane must-see clips of 2022, featuring AOC being protested by her followers; Don Lemon telling Stephen Colbert that CNN doesn’t have a liberal bias; Sam Harris supporting the suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story; Justin Trudeau joining Gavin Newsom for a scary video; Joy Behar of “The View” expressing her real concerns about the Ukraine war; Elizabeth Warren making her most insane demand yet; Joe Biden getting ignored by Barack Obama; Dylan Mulvaney’s trip to the White House; Joy Reid’s stupidest hot take of the year; Brian Stelter getting fired from CNN; John Fetterman’s ridiculous debate gaffes; and Ketanji Brown Jackson being asked by Marsha Blackburn, “What is a woman?”

Watch more Dave Rubin here:

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