Marx’s Ontology of Man and the Telos of History – James Lindsay, New Discourses

The Theology of Marxism, Session 2 of 3

In this session of Sovereign Nations’s “The Theology of Marxism” conference, James Lindsay addresses the titular theme of the conference: The Theology of Marxism.

For a century and a half, people have failed to recognize Marxism for what it is, a theology. Marx’s emphasis on Atheism and strict materialism in all things have obscured from view what Marxism really is. Well, it is not a social theory. It is not an economic theory. It is a theology that sees economic and related social conditions as that which shapes human lives and, if born again into the faith, compels them to seize those means of human production and repurpose them to achieve the Marxian eschatology. That eschatology goes by a few names, but the most identifiable are “Communism,” “Liberation,” and “Social Justice.”

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