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WATCH: A leaked video from 2001 shows Israeli PM Netanyahu talking about how Israel intentionally strikes Palestinians “painfully”, how he deceived the US to break the Oslo Accords, and how Americans will always support Israel if it faces backlash.

Doubting anything coming from a man who boasts that he organised for innocent people to be mandated to take shots in order to become the “lab for Pfizer” does not make you an anti-Semite, it makes you a rationally thinking human being.

EU commissioner warns Elon Musk in a letter that his platform X is spreading “illegal content and disinformation,” regarding the Middle Eastern conflict, giving him 4 hours to respond.

Pro-Palestine protestors in Sydney chanting, “Gas the Jews!”

Trump tells story how at the last minute Bebe Netanyahu pulled out of going after Solemani- why would 45 be telling the story today?

The Great Awakening has come so far that even The Rock, a carefully crafted facade of a celebrity, can’t get away with what people like him used to

Roseanne is questioning everything:

Paul Ryan is triggered by what Matt Gaetz did and thinks it’s absolute disgrace that if Gaetz had his way we would be in a dysfunctional congress but we would be in a government shutdown.

Jared Kusher:
“100% (the war in Ukraine would have been avoided if Trump was in office)….

Land of Contrasts.

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