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‼️The US funds and operates more than 300 biolabs in 30 countries around the world, according to the data.

Russian Defense Ministry is investigating 240 disease causing pathogens discovered in US-sponsored biolabs in Ukraine including anthrax and cholera.

‼️Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit 2023 in Las Vegas, entering the stage is Dr. Demetre Daskalakis, White House Deputy National Coordinator for Monkeypox Response

‼️Seymour Hersh drops new intel on war in Ukraine

🇳🇱Our farmers are fighting against the worst kind of injustice: a government that has turned on its own people.

They sent a Humvee in to arrest the Pentagon leak suspect.

DON’T BELIEVE the naysayers! IT’S HAPPENING right before your eyes!!

Mr. Beast’s friend Chris says near word for word what a demon possessed man told Jesus Christ “We are like a legion We are one We are many”

Paul. Harvey


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