ReAwaken America Tour Nashville – Day 1

Watch Nixon’s Incredible Call to Space –
6:00 PM – Meet and Greet Time | A Very Potentially Patriotic Providence Party & “Meat” Up
Quick Note, Both Speakers and Conference Attendees Are Invited to This:
Who Is Invited? **This Is Not a Formal Dinner, This Is Just a Gathering of Patriots
How Much? You Only Pay for What You Eat, the Tour Is Not Paying for This Meal
When? Thursday January 19th 2023
Where? Providence (2 Miles from the Church)
Jonathan’s Grille
613 S Mt. Juliet Road
Juliet, TN 37122,+TN+37122/data=!4m6!4m5!1m1!4e2!1m2!1m1!1s0x88641431f372ffc7:0xc5d9b25a42cfac43?sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjr6M73qcf8AhXllGoFHS87BSsQ9Rd6BAhaEAQ
2060 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
ReAwaken America Tour Nashville, TN Updates!!! 1. Where to Park 2. Final Itinerary Released 3. Doors Open At 6 AM 4. Event Starts At 8:00 AM 5. You Must Bring Your ID to Get In + Tickets Now On Sale for ReAwaken Miami (May 12th & 13th) & Las Vegas (Aug. 25th & 26th)
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ReAwaken America Tour | General Flynn, Eric Trump, Alex Jones, Kash Patel, Gen Flynn & Team America Are Taking the ReAwaken Tour to Miami, FL (May 12 & 13) & Las Vegas, NV (Aug. 25 & 26) + Klaus Schwab & the World Economic Forum Are Going to HELL!!!
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**May 12th & 13th – Tickets On Sale for TRUMP DORAL Miami, Florida!!!
**August 25th & 26th – Tickets On Sale for Las Vegas, Nevada!!!
**Scholarship Pricing Is Available to Make This Event Affordable for All
**You May Also Request Tickets by Texting: 918-851-0102
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