Taylor Swift DETHRONES Legend with Record-Breaking Crowd | 3/22/23

Joe Biden establishes a new national monument against the wishes of a governor. Joe Biden is a poet laureate and graces us with a poem. Putin, Xi and what comes next? Actor Dick Van Dyke wrecks his car. A deadly fungus is spreading. Taylor Swift breaks a world record. Ron DeSantis makes it clear he’ll be running for president as Donald Trump faces possible arrest today. A “pastor” tries to argue that dressing in drag is actually holy. There is a lot happening on Uranus. France is not happy with President Macron. Johnny Carson has a great message for today’s late-night hosts.

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00:00:00 Biden Announces National Monument
00:09:40 Biden Awards Bruce Springsteen a Medal
00:13:38 How’s Putin Doing?
00:20:15 Mexico Says America is Lying
00:29:55 Tweets
00:32:40 CTF: Taylor Swift, Dick Van Dyke, & a Zebra Attack!
00:52:06 Donald Trump is Polling Well
00:57:55 Ron Desantis Might Run in 2024
01:00:55 How’s the Economy Doing?
01:06:50 A ‘Pastor’ Says Drag is Holy
01:14:27 Uranus
01:19:30 France is NOT Happy
01:31:36 Johnny Carson’s Message to Late Night Hosts

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