‘The Greatest Lie Ever Sold’ BLM documentary by Candace Owens (FULL MOVIE)

In the film, Owens offers viewers “the true story” behind the life and death of George Floyd and the rise of the movement with never-before-seen interviews from insiders and experts. “Riots, violence, and biblical heresy — that is the true story behind the George Floyd story,” the “Candace” host says in the documentary. “You look around you, and you see what is left — a story that made its way around the world. Do you see $90 million invested in this community? Where did that money go?” The company noted that the film takes a peek inside “the curious role of big names like Chrissy Teigen in perpetuating the damage done to small businesses across the country” and promises to leave “no stone unturned — and no receipt unread.”

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