The McInerney Report: Elon Musk is a Contemporary Paul Revere – Two Mikes

Lt. Gen. General Thomas (ret’d) talked to The Two Mikes today on several issues.

Perhaps most important, he reported that the Republicans won five additional Senate seats in the midterms, those in Nevada, Arizona, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

The Democrats stole the seats by cyber transfers of hundreds of thousands of votes from the winning candidates to Democrat candidates who otherwise were defeated. In addition, U.S. government agencies and other entities transferred 5.8 million votes from President Bolsinaro to criminal Lula in Brazil, giving the convict Lula a win by 2 percentage points.

He also added that we all should keep in mind that Biden would have been overjoyed to have had an audit of the 2020 presidential vote if he had really received 81 million votes, but he knew the Democrats, the federal government, and China had stolen the election to install him as their puppet dictator.

General McInerney also said that, at this point, he regards Elon Musk as a contemporary Paul Revere in that he is educating all Americans to the hard fact that the lawless federal government, through the FBI and CIA, were working with Big Tech to censor the voices of great numbers of American citizens and neuter the Bill of Rights.

“Listening to Two Mikes will make you smarter!”
– Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr


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