The Papal Clown Mass & Circus Show: Replying to Michael Lofton

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New live debate event:

In our new series we will be letting loose a flurry of replies to many of the prominent YT streamers out there like Trent Horn and Matt Fradd, as well as some the low tier people who rely largely on drama streams to generate clicks. This video will clear up Michael’s recent dramatic claims as well as past evidences of his underhanded approach behind the public pious face. The most well known of those low tier apologists may be Michael Lofton, who has recently angered the Trad world as well as letting loose an obsessed string of multiple videos within hours, along with his countless videos prior, ankle biting our work. We will be releasing numerous hard hitting replies that deal with all these figures, including Lofton, that have long been in the works.

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