The Secret CRT Indoctrination & Smart Cities Means Privacy Gone – Grant Stinchfield

Critical Race Theory and the push for so called “Smart Cities.”  They are two of the the lefts pet projects to control us.

First we tackle government becoming the central brain housing your personal data.  As they tell us “Smart Cities” will be more convenient for us, don’t believe them.  With more convenience comes more technology and with more technology comes more risk.

mass surveillance camera network
Biometric collection\
Facial Recognition
Digital License Plates to track your vehicle
Smart Meters to control your homes electricity

These are just a few of the measurers the left is working on to track your every move and shut you down when you don’t comply.

Critical Race Theory

Accuracy in Media went undercover and exposed teachers and administrators in an Ohio school district revealing their plans to work around any attempt by state lawmakers to end CRT in schools.

You must hear what they captured on video.  The school districts response may be the most troubling.

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