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Jeff Dornik, from Freedom First Network, talked to The Two Mikes today about his forthcoming book Follow the Leader, which will be published by the end of 2023..

Mr. Dornik’s book deals with the manner in which cults have developed and acted in the United States over the past 50 years.

In particular, the book examines the ways in which various cult leaders have been able to manipulate the minds and actions of their followers. The author believes that perhaps Americans can be examined to see if they have fallen into following leaders in ways that are somewhat akin to those who follow more traditional cults.

Indeed, he argues that the current national government’s leaders and the Deep State as whole, might well be seen as cult leaders. The best recent examples are, of course, the manner in which Americans’ responded as sleepwalkers to the U.S. government’s infamous terrorizing of them over the non-existent threat from Covid-19 and ended up being deliberately — and often fatally — poisoned by the non-vaccines huckstered by Fauci and Birx, Ukraine is another example of Americans — being so conditioned to believe their national government — took the bait when Biden, his lieutenants, and their hapless, non-combat experienced generals told them that their won freedom would end if they did not support the U.S.-NATO efforts to help Ukraine resist the Russian military.

So used to having their patriotism are Americans, that they reliably responded with waving Ukraine flags and allowing the elite to send $120 billion to the Ukrainian money-laundering machine that Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and George Soros established a decade ago.

By responding with patriotism, Americans missed the point that a Russian victory in Ukraine would –at long last — shatter the NATO Alliance forever, and thereby save their sons and daughters from risking their lives to fight in wars to save the mostly worthless-to-the-United States countries that make up the large majority of NATO’s members, while simultaneously destroying the U.S. bilateral governing elite, a group of arrogant oligarchs that cannot exists without endless, unnecessary wars.

Mr. Dornik’s previously published books are Social Justice and Church and State.


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