THIS Is How Conservatives Stop LOSING in 2023 | Glenn TV | Ep 242

Only four days into the new year, the Republican Party is not off to a good start. House Republicans are holding vote after vote for the speakership position, with no clear winner selected. But with party leadership — like House speaker front-runner Kevin McCarthy — refusing to stray from the status quo, this intra-party turmoil may be what’s ultimately needed for America. This week during his “Glenn TV” Wednesday Night Special, Glenn is joined by Daniel Horowitz, TheBlaze senior editor, and Harmeet Dhillon, who currently is challenging Ronna McDaniel to lead the RNC. The three explore what’s next for the GOP, what conservative Congress members’ end goal should be in the House speakership vote, and how Republicans can begin to regain the trust of the American voter. Because without regaining that trust, Dhillon explains, “We’re done as a party. And that’s terrible for America.”

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