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Fear No Evil
Song by Ardie Son

New Trump campaign ad from Scavino 🇺🇸🦅👊

Devin Nunes was right‼️

Chip Roy pushes bill to defund the World Health Organization

1976 news.

TRUMP – there is no strong confirmation – one broken 913 string by a 4 – but by phrasing this as Trump did – “time for the” – this only hits one drop. US ARMY Fort SIL – isolated this same drop yesterday with “moving forward”.

The US military is having a really tough time recruiting.

Masako Ganaha: ”In Japan if a person mentions the World Economic Forum or Klaus Schwab, they’re considered to be crazy due to propaganda aimed at silencing critics.”

ABC’s Jonathan Karl: “The White House says it is committed to transparency, b

“Go home Nazis!” chants from supporters of the drag story time event after the arrival of a few protesters outside the Fall River Public Library

Tayler Hansen records Dallas lawmakers attending, endorsing all-ages drag show

Agenda 2030 — do we want to live like this?

“The first woman owner of Miss Universe” is transgender

Jim Jordan on the new committees to investigate the weaponization of the federal government:

Matt Gaetz Responds To Claim That Releasing The 14k Hours Of 1/6 Footage Would Jeopardize Security


#NeverForget How They Demonized Us The ‘Unvaccinated’

Kash Patel explains that Congress actually has the power to arrest people 👀



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