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Remnant Revolution Tourt

This morning the Remnant Revolution showed up at the Pickens County Courthouse in SC to pray.

Banners4Freedom got 60 tickets for the 1:15pm showing showing in Millford, OH. If you are interested in a FREE ticket please text Jaime at 833.575.5683!

Support a K9 Program

Morning Mika Meltdown!

China is throwing away fields of electric cars and EV bicycles due to an absence of viable recycling methods.. but no worries, maybe in a couple hundred thousand years mankind will be able to mine lithium there.

Someday we’ll all learn oil isn’t made from dinosaur fossils. It is naturally produced from within the earth, like the blood within our bodies

If you’re wondering why Dr Hotez won’t debate RFK Jr on Rogan, wonder no more…

Roseanne calls out the mainstream media, the Babylonian cultists, and explains why there’s been one investigation of Trump after another:

Roseanne says the intelligence agencies are blackmailing people in congress, our government was overthrown with the assassination of JFK

Trump vs Bret Baier on the 2020 election:

There’s a reason why Trump always tells you why Saudi Arabia is suc

Something hilarious about having Trump’s “mean” nicknames and descriptions read in a serious news anchor voice 😂

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