Why We CANNOT Trust the CIA | Tim Kennedy | The Glenn Beck Podcast

The joke is that the difference between conspiracy theories and conspiracy facts is about six months. Well, this is an era of conspiracy facts, especially with the three-letter agencies enjoying a total lack of accountability and transparency. Over the course of his 17 years in the military, Tim Kennedy accrued medals, badges, and tabs, including a Bronze Star. A lot of things have changed since he left, and now he’s critical of the government’s fight against free society, including the unconstitutionality of the FBI. Tim holds a tough line on the primacy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This episode is rich with details about the frightening state of geopolitics. Tim’s expertise in special ops and intelligence informs his expertise on an array of topics, including the Nord Stream pipelines. His experience in Ukraine has shown him the deep corruption fueling the country’s conflict. At the same time, the way Russia fights wars reveals the way that communism and socialism really work (SPOILER: Not great!). Tim also discusses his upcoming trip to Sudan, where two competing coups are brewing. His coalition Save Our Allies works to save lives on foreign soil. Tim and Glenn also discuss Tim’s work on the History Channel show “Hunting Hitler,” which examines the theory that Hitler survived the Siege of Berlin and relocated to Argentina. (Apparently there are fight clubs in Argentina?) Glenn and Tim examine the complicated history of WWII, including the long-lasting effects of Operation Paperclip. Most of all, Glenn and Tim discuss the state of America today. “The military is always a byproduct of what our society is doing,” he tells Glenn. “And our society is woefully broken.” The power used to belong to the people, Tim tells Glenn. Not any more. Now is the time for the individual person. The response to Bud Light has shown that we, the people, still have the power; it’s only a matter of coming together: “There’s no scarier group than a unified America.”

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