Yet Again, an American City Burns in ‘Peaceful Protest’

If you thought this week was going to be different, think again because over the weekend, the FBI did a 12-hour search of President Biden’s Wilmington home, and the DOJ seized more classified documents. When will the trickle of classified documents end? White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain will step down in the coming weeks, and this news comes after the White House threw a Biden senior adviser, Anita Dunn, under the bus regarding President Biden’s classified materials scandal. Is the Democratic machine done with Joe Biden? Atlanta was on fire over the weekend as RIOTS erupted when “protestors” peacefully protested against the police shooting that took place at the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center. Are we going to see an early “summer of love”? The southern border is still unsecured, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection data shows an increase in arrests of those on the terror watch list under the Biden administration. Vice President Kamala Harris was in Florida and made a speech using the Declaration of Independence — but she decided to omit the word “life” during an abortion speech. When will they recognize the value of all life?

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