THOUSAND PIECES – Insiders Expose The ‘Deep State’ CIA (FULL MOVIE)

A Thousand Pieces is a feature length documentary film that exposes the top down corruption within the CIA & FBI. The film is supported by incredible insider testimony from members of the CIA, FBI and Classified Government Programs.

SUMMARY: On November 22, 1963 arguably one of the greatest American Presidents was assassinated in front of the nation. Now almost 6 decades later the truth hidden in the JFK files is still unknown, and the public is no closer to pulling the keystone and collapsing this true conspiracy. What IS known was Kennedy’s overwhelming distrust of the CIA and his grave warnings of “infiltration instead of invasions” by those of “covet means”.

A Thousand Pieces is a staggering look into the abyss of systemic corruption at the very top of the CIA & FBI. The film exposes the gritty details of illegal programs such as “Cointelpro” which targeted leaders like Martin Luther King & Malcolm X, to CIA intelligence operations like “Northwoods” and “Mockingbird”, uncovering potential plans to use “false flag” events and mainstream media propaganda to control the American people.

Whistleblowers: – John de Souza – Robyn Gritz – Joe Flynn – Cathy O’Brien – Robert David Steele

Narrated By: – Sean Stone

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