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Adin Ross, an online influencer with millions of Gen Z followers, squeezing some common sense into young minds that have been warped by “woke culture” as he posts his ‘there are only two genders’ video tonight.

Zelensky said. We will send our kids to fight .

Ukraine’s army has a big Nazi problem, ex-US soldier tells RT

Mr Higgens going in on Mayorkas


Sheriff Lamb is a patriot!

Look at the amount of fentanyl in a picture next to a penny, that can kill!

‘Parody is now reality’: South Park clip in which desperate Cartman identifies as trans so he can use the girls’ bathroom resurfaces and goes viral nine years after it first aired

MATT GAETZ: Help me understand how US taxpayers paying for PENSIONS IN UKRAINE is a good idea for OUR COUNTRY!

Brave sixth grader, exposes pornographic books in school

Look at the Fox News Brian Kilmeade, desperately trying to find a DeSantis for President supporter. He’s in Florida. 😂



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