‘Conspiracy Theories’ That Turned Out to Be TRUE – Glenn Beck

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Glenn breaks out the mega-chalkboard to reveal how government, Big Tech, and the media SHUT DOWN questions and speech with two simple words: conspiracy theory. It’s SHOCKING just how wrong the so-called experts have been over the past few years. Remember these “conspiracy theories”? Obamacare would make you lose your doctor and health plan. The caliphate would return. Government lockdowns don’t work. Critical race theory is being taught in our schools. Hunter Biden’s laptop is real. Twitter is shadow-banning conservatives. These are just a few of the claims that were laughed at, “fact-checked,” and censored. And all to do one thing — control the narrative. This is why there’s such an outcry over Fox News dumping Tucker Carlson. Americans feel they’ve lost one of the few voices standing against the machine. Implosion of trust in government and media has put us in a very bad place. If the WRONG side is asking common-sense questions, their motives are treated as suspect and often called “dangerous.” Glenn explains what happens to a society when truth is not allowed to be explored and why BlazeTV exists to allow our hosts and our audience to freely question EVERYTHING.

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