CREEPY! The Dalai Lama Tells Young Boy to ‘Suck My Tongue’ | 4/10/23

@JacoBooyens joins Sara today to discuss the challenges our culture faces with the ongoing assault on children. Over the weekend, an old video surfaced of the Dalai Lama inviting a young boy to come on stage after he asked for a hug. The situation became disturbing when the boy was kissed on the lips and asked to suck the Dalai Lama’s tongue. After a huge uproar from people across the country, Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued a statement, saying that he is working “swiftly” to secure a pardon for an army veteran convicted of shooting a Black Lives Matter rioter in Austin during the 2020 summer riots. Daniel Perry, a 37-year-old U.S. Army sergeant, was convicted of shooting and killing 28-year-old Garrett Foster during BLM riots in Austin in July 2020. Highly classified Pentagon documents leaked online in recent weeks have provided a rare glimpse into how the U.S. spies on allies and foes alike. Riley Gaines unloaded on Jamillah Moore, San Francisco State University’s vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, over her response to a protest at last week’s Turning Point USA event. The FBI is under fire today after the Heritage Foundation unearthed documents that flag certain slang terms as “violent extremism.” These slang terms, as seen on social media, include “Chad,” “looksmaxxing,” “it’s over,” “roastie,” “NEET,” “normie,” “blue pill,” “red pill,” “black pill,” “Stacy,” “based,” and “LARPing.” The FBI defined the key terms, along with other terms that are decidedly racist, and linked the slang terms to these racist ideas.

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Sara Gonzales is the host of The News & Why It Matters, a daily roundtable news program on Blaze TV featuring notable guests such as Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Michael Knowles, Dr. Debra Soh, Graham Allen, Chad Prather, and more. As a conservative commentator, Sara frequently calls out the Democrats for their hypocrisy, the mainstream media for their misinformation, feminists for their toxicity, and also focuses on pro-life issues, culture, gender issues, health care, the Second Amendment, and passing conservative values to the next generation. Sara has also appeared on OAN with Liz Wheeler, as well as Daily Wire.

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