Disgusting: Sara EXPOSES Another ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Show in TX | 1/30/23

Texas continues to be infiltrated by “family-friendly drag shows,” and our very own Sara Gonzales was able to get footage of children collecting tips and a performer making a VERY inappropriate toast in front of children. How can we stop future drag shows for children? United States Surgeon General Vivek Murthy went on CNN and raised a warning that age 13 is “too early” for kids to be on social media. As the world learns about Tyre Nichols and bodycam footage gets released, California, New York, and Georgia go into riots, but the main question still hasn’t been answered. Do we need police reform? A Utah doctor is in trouble after the feds bring charges against him for dumping out mRNA shots in order to free kids from vaccine mandates. And Pfizer finally gives a statement over the weekend as Project Veritas teaches the world about “directed evolution” and Pfizer denies claims from Jordon Trishton Walker. What is next for Pfizer?

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