ENOUGH: Which GOP Candidates Will Lead Us to War with Russia? – Glenn TV

How would you describe our involvement in Ukraine at this point: Forever war by proxy? Quagmire? The beginning of World War 3? If you said “yes” to any of those, you are actually in the MINORITY — and that includes Democrats AND Republicans. No one appears willing to de-escalate the situation. Reservists are being called up to Europe; more and more deadly weapons are being sent to Zelenskyy with no oversight. Spiraling out of control seems a more likely option than peace. Is there anyone willing to say “enough is enough”? Is there anyone willing to put the needs and interests of the United States AHEAD of those living in countries that most people can’t even find on a map? Last Friday at the Blaze Media Summit, Tucker Carlson asked several of the 2024 GOP presidential candidates what they thought of our involvement in Ukraine, and things got pretty heated. Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro argued on Twitter that it’s a “bad-faith argument that if you think we must fund Ukraine in its war against Russia, you don’t care about American poverty.” Glenn has some polite pushback for his friend and ranks the candidate answers from the Summit because their policy on Ukraine SHOULD be a litmus test for the presidency. But what are the true motivations for the Swamp’s obsession with Ukraine? Three words: Follow. The. Money.

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