Interview Journalist Willem Oltmans (Dutch)

When this sane person comes to see the evidence of the terrible double play, the sophisticated manipulations of the killers who staged and orchestrated these attacks. And just to be clear, it was NOT Bin Laden, who would have been the great mastermind behind these attacks with a laptop on his lap, riding a donkey in the mountains of Afghanistan! At the time the WMD was being used as an excuse, there were figures like Rumsfeld and especially Vice President Dick Cheny who were only too happy to link Sadam to the 9/11 attacks. But what proof they provided for horrific manipulation. False info, lies and straight-faced destroying the lives of millions, including the more than 5,000 US soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listen to journalist Willem Oltmans below, feel for it and don’t fall for the false question games that the journalist asks him. Watch how smoothly and impassive Oltmans reveals his own vision.

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