Maryam Henein Breaks Down the Real George Floyd Timeline – Two Mikes

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Maryam Henein and Sean Hibbeler editor to hear about her new movie “The True Timeline”.

The film’s timeline is one that covers the period from shortly before the police encountered George Floyd, until the point where Floyd was dead. The movie is very detailed and relates a large number of people, times, and events that were either misreported or never reported on during the trial of the Floyd case.

It is a meticulous and fact-filled rendering of events, and it leaves the viewer with a much different view of what went on that evening. The movie is eye-opening and seems to bring a case of failed justice onto center stage.

Her information: 
Buy/Rent: https://www. real-timeline
Subscribe: https://www. timeline (use BEELADY for 20% OFF)

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