Putin’s Growing Alliance Against the West | 2/21/23

The Joe Biden trip to Ukraine is being called historic and has earned him a comparison with … George Washington?! Vladimir Putin gives his own speech, and Russia pulls out of a nuclear treaty with the United States. How much is TikTok actually tracking you? Don Lemon ten years ago and Don Lemon today are completely different people. Tucker Carlson at Fox News has been granted access to the January 6 video. Why don’t Democrats want the footage seen?

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0:00:00 Biden Has A Strange Visit to Ukraine
0:16:00 Desantis Weighs in on Ukraine
0:30:00 Margorie Taylor Greene Calls for a National Divorce
0:40:00 A Transgender Woman Gets Misgendered
0:48:00 Tweets
0:52:00 A Teacher Grooming Kids
0:58:00 YouTube CEO Steps Down
1:03:00 China Subsidizing Their Lower Class
1:12:00 Don Lemon Used to Make Since
1:15:00 ChatGPT is QUICKLY Getting Out of Hand
1:20:00 Tucker Carlson Given Access to Jan. 6 Footage
1:28:00 Should Race be Considered in College Applications?

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