Rick Fisher Warns That A U.S.-China War Appears Increasingly Likely – Two Mikes

The internationally renowned China expert Rick Fisher joined The Two Mikes and presented some timely, provocative, and intensely worrying analysis about America’s confrontation with Communist China.

Dr. Fisher first explained that China is providing North Korea with enormous 16-wheeled launch trailers on which the North Koreans can mount, move, and launch their new ICBM, which can hit a target anywhere in the United States.
Dr. Fisher added that China, at some point in time, may well supply the same kind of trailers to what has become the Chinese-occupied and nuclear-armed colony of Pakistan.

Dr. Fisher also commented on the balloon story, saying that the Chinese leaders are confident and arrogant and are using the balloons and the other yet-to-be-named, car-size chunks of metal that are somehow floating in U.S. airspace to display the impotence and confusion of Biden, his military lieutenants, and his administration.

Dr. Fisher also explained that the Chinese airships are also a strong sign of the communist regime having almost completed its transition of their military policy from a defensive orientation to an offensive one.

He also explained that Beijing’s plans for the Pacific region includes first reacquiring Taiwan, and thereafter to attack the Philippines. Its plans in the United States include the use of the many thousands of Chinese students attending U.S. universities — the universities love Chinese students because they pay the full tuition price and need no aid — as intelligence collectors, pro-China demonstrators, and eventually as terrorists and paramilitary operatives.

A U.S.-China war appears increasingly likely, a war which the now gutted U.S. military could not fight without immediate rearmament, stopping the drain of U.S. weapons to Ukraine, returning to conscription to provide a steady flow of cannon-fodder.

Parents, Dr. Fisher suggested, ought to think about this calamitous situation and then take actions meant to convince politicians that Chinese is a near-term threat and that America must respond appropriately. Such actions would help to protect both their children and their republic.

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– Gov Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr


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