The Feds wanted you to believe he was a murderer so they made it all up – Grant Stinchfield

This is the Story of George Tanios in his own words. A victim of a government inspired set up job that left in imprisoned for 6 months before all felony charges were dropped because of zero evidence against him. The political persecution is at a level once unimaginable in America.

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George Tanios story of 1/6 🇺🇸

◦ Personal Background 
• 1st generation Lebanese 
• Maronite Christian – Conservative views
• Father of 3 (+1 on the way in May)
• Was a Small business owner of Sandwich University Restaurant in Morgantown WV 17 years. 

◦ Why I went to J6
• Election fraud 
• Always a supporter of Trump 
• First event I went too.
• Last minute decision, Julian said he would pick me up.
• Day off and out of town of in two years 

◦ What happened that day?
• police started spraying peaceful crowd 
• Julian and I got split up 
• When he found me, he was upset & took bear spray from my back.
• I calmed him down & took it away. 
• Convo Couch reporter happened to record a small part of our conversation that was used against me. “Hold on Hold on, Not yet, it’s still early”
• Julian went back into the crowd to film with phone, ended up using keychain pepper spray.
• I never knew an incident happened and he never mentioned it.
• I never went in Capitol, assaulted or damaged anything. I made zero contact with police that day. 

◦ My arrest information 
• On March 14, 2021 after 9pm Sunday night 15-20 FBI officers raided home at gun point 
• 4yr old son was awake and twin 6 month old boys were asleep
• No warrant, no explanation as to why I was being arrested.
• All I really said was “Amanda, call my attorney” they took me out and drove me nearly 2 hours to North Central Regional Jail. 
• Questioned fiancé for nearly 4 hrs 
• The confiscated 3 full cans of spray (2 Bear Sprays and key Chain Mace Spray) backpack & sandwich u hoodie, phone, laptop and iPad. 
• All spray was purchased after consulting Gun Shop manager about what was legal in DC for self defense.  
• (I was worried about being assaulted by Antifa or BLM counter protesters)

◦ Charged with 10 felonies: 
• Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer  
• 3 counts of Assault on a Federal Officer with a Dangerous Weapon and Aiding and Abetting 
• Civil Disorder 
• Obstruction of an Official Proceeding 
• Entering or Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon and Causing Significant Bodily Injury 
• Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon Causing Significant Bodily Injury 
• Engaging in Physical Violence in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon Causing Significant Bodily Injury 
• Act of Physical Violence in the Capitol Grounds or Building 

◦ Evidence against me:
• ATR (gun shop) purchase of 2 cans of Bear Spray and 2 cans of key chain mace
• Convo couch video of Julian going into my bag and grabbing bear spray. Me saying “no, no, not yet, not yet, it’s still early” they turned into conspiracy.

◦ 1st Bond denied 1 week after arrest by U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael John Aloi
• flight risk, said your mom would fly you to Lebanon 
• Judges speech, quoted MLK
• Talked about how the election wasn’t stolen
• Spent 1 month in WV until DC transfer 

◦ What conditions were like in DC
• 23hrs/day in cell 
• No haircuts or shave
• Terrible food 

◦ Sicknicks medical report came out
• It took more than 100 days to release the results from the January autopsy. The full autopsy report was never released to the public.
• The chief medical examiner, Dr. Francisco J. Diaz, told The Washington Post that there was no evidence that Sicknick was injured or had an allergic reaction to chemical irritants. 
• It was ruled that he died of natural causes from having two strokes at the base of the brain stem caused by a clogged artery. 
• Diaz then stated that “all that transpired played a role in his condition.” (The causes confusion) 

◦ 2nd time Denied Bond by D.C. District Judge Thomas Hogan, (83yrs) Reagan appointee 
• Hogan said I was engaged as an aider and abettor, convinced myself and Julian had a plan. 
• ATR testified in my defense 
• I was no longer a flight risk but a danger to the community 

◦ Won the count of appeals 
• 3 judges nominated by 3 different presidents unanimously ruled in my favor, Stating that the district court clearly erred. 
• After spending 5months and 6 days in jail I was released the day before my 40th birthday. 
• Released to Home incarceration 
• later went down to Home Confinement with curfew. 

◦ Plea deal 
• government dropped all 10 felonies, superseded indictment a few days before hearing and added the two misdemeanors. 
• Wanted to go to trial but they were threatening a global plea deal and that would have helped co defendant avoid going to trial and potentially 20 years

◦ Sentencing
• 50+ Capitol police officers showed up
• Statements made by family that Sicknick was killed that day. 
• Was on House Arrest for over 1.5yr before being sentenced to time served. Ordered to serve 1 year probation, 100 hours of Community Service and pay a fine of money raised from GSG. $1,200?

◦ What being wrongfully detained caused
• loss of a 17yr business 
• Time with family & young children
• Named ruined, defamation calling me a cop killer.

◦ Civil lawsuit 
• Sicknick’s ex girlfriend is suing you, Julian Khater and Donald Trump for Wrongful Death seeking 10 million each. 
• Says she’ll donate to charity 
• you and Julian have both been bankrupted and have no way of paying for attorneys let alone 10mil 

◦ Strange:
-Sicknick had to strokes due to BLOOD CLOT. Was he Vaccinated?
-Other officers denied him help when TRUMP Supporters saw he was having stroke and they tried to help. Witnesses to that 
-They pulled the plug on him the next day and cremated him
-MSM ran with story that he was hit with fire extinguisher, held memorial at Capitol for him, tried to impeach Trump quickly after 1/6 with his death as focal point. 
⁃ DOJ wanted to charge us with Murder but couldn’t get away with it.

Now with legal suit pending against me I need to hirer lawyers to help me defend the case. 47 page civil suit and I am mentioned 5 times and it riddled with falsehood. Still claiming Bear spray was used. Legal fees could run up to 100k

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