THEFT, FBI/C_A, GOV all worked to target TRUMP, Just the BEGINNING. PRAY! – And We Know

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Forgotten Glory
Song by Tilman Sillescu

Gen Flynn posted this on Twitter “Freedom is not free!”

Kash warns that Joe Biden is not our target. The administrative state (the deep state) is the real target. The ENTIRE corrupt establishment.

We will be seeing more and more of this as time goes on. What matters is how we choose to handle it when it happens.

President Donald Trump notes the differences between the Presidential Records Act and the Federal Records Act and how then-VP Biden was bound to the later

President Trump: “I’m fighting the Deep State and winning… I think I’m a very nice person, but if we’re gonna win, we have to be tough and we have to fight back…

Kash Patel believes that the investigation into Biden’s classified docs actually started in the summer of 2022

Trump – Interesting to add “damp” – appears in just one drop – perfect 934 string.

NOW – World Economic Forum declares a doomsday “planetary” and “justice” crisis.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Joel Wallskog Gets Emotional Explaining His Spinal Cord Injury From the Vaccine & Founding React19

🔥 Sen. Ron Johnson Discusses Nuremberg Trials & the “COVID Cartel”

EMF Radiation Test Shows Sitting in an Electric Car is Like Standing Near a Running Microwave EMF Radiation Test Shows Sitting in an Electric Car is Like Standing Near a Running Microwave

JUST IN — WEF2023: John Kerry Says the Only Way to Get to 1.5 Degrees of Global Warming is “Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money”

Philadelphia Flyers, Ivan Provov, is under fire for not participating in a Pride-themed warmup with his team last night.

Globalist child puppet Greta Thunberg “staged” her own arrest…

Elon in the past day has now been shining Light on the satanic World Economic Forum & the 4chan



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