Victor Davis Hanson: “We are in the middle of a cultural revolution.”

If I said 10 years ago that in the future… nobody would believe it:

• Biological men compete in women’s sports.
• Saying there are only two genders can get you fired.
• 2.3 million people illegally enter the country each year.
• Month-long elections are 70% mail-in ballots.
• BLM and Antifa destroyed neighborhoods for 120 days, causing $2 billion in damage, mostly going unpunished.
• The FBI, DOJ, and the corporate media framed Donald Trump as a Russian agent to rig the 2016 election.
• The CIA and the corporate media claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation” to rig the 2020 election.
• The FBI and DOJ hid Hunter Biden’s laptop, containing evidence of FARA violations, money laundering, and foreign bribes, to help Joe Biden become POTUS.
• The DHS, CISA, and the White House work with Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to censor American citizens.
• The political establishment indicted their chief political rival during an election for a document dispute with NARA, a non-disclosure agreement with Stormy Daniels, and for asking Georgia’s elected officials to investigate election fraud.

A decade ago, nobody would believe any of this would be possible. Yet, this is all happening as we live through a nation-destroying cultural revolution. Those who see these truths must denounce what is happening.

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