A Stark Warning, The Chinese Communist Party will “Rape your women and Children!” – Grant Stinchfield

It is the starkest of warnings. The Chinses Communist Party wants to come to America, take over, and in the process, will rape the women and children. That from the CCP’s enemy number one, Billionaire Chinese Dissident Miles Guo. America is ignoring the threat Communist China poses to America.

Just look at big tech. An industry now being put on notice that if it aids and abets repressive regimes, it too could be held accountable. A recent court ruling is allowing the case against Cisco Systems to continue. Cisco is accused by those who represent the Fulan Gong, a group of oppressed and persecuted Chinese people, of helping the Chinese Communist Party build and perfect its “Golden Shield.” The government system that helps block internet traffic while tracking citizens.

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