America’s Nursing Home – Pat Gray Unleashed

Joe Biden’s education secretary has clear contempt for parents and children in the U.S. public school system. Democratic Senator John Fetterman is difficult to watch. The U.S. Senate has become America’s nursing home. U.S. soldiers and Border Patrol are allowing illegal aliens to enter America unfettered. Did Russia just destroy weapons from the U.S. meant for use in Ukraine? NBA star loses millions for flashing a gun on social media. Elon Musk defends his freedom of speech.

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00:00:00 Secretary of Education Under Fire
00:13:02 Riley Gains Testifies Again
00:17:40 Fetterman Can’t Do his Job
00:25:42 Soldiers Aiding Illegal Immigrants
00:30:03 Tweets
00:32:00 CTF; Toilet Paper, XFL, Sports Illustrated
00:50:54 Democrats are Upset Over Immigration
00:58:16 CIA Enticing Russians to Switch Sides
01:08:03 NBA Player In Trouble
01:13:25 Elon Justifies his Tweets
01:22:49 New Star Wars Spin Off
01:30:03 Government Says Go To CHURCH!

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