As the DOJ Gives Hunter Biden a Sweetheart deal, Joe Biden Proves he is Owned by China – Grant Stinchfield

The Department of Justice just gave Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal over his tax fraud case. They even gave him probation for a gun charge most suspects get years in prison for. We are witnessing the most brazen government in American history. Led, by Joe Biden, this government doesn’t even care about perception. Team Biden is fully willing to weaponize the government against anyone who fights for liberty in America.

This includes Miles Guo, the Chinese Billionaire who sits in a federal jail on fraud charges, yet the government has failed to produce one victim. Guo is the Chinese Communist Party’s enemy number one and Team Biden locked him up.

Grant, along with Nicole Tsai of the New Federal State of China, reveals more evidence that Joe Biden is compromised and in the bag for China. He claimed the Chinese Spy balloon was just an accident and China meant no harm. Meanwhile Antony Blinken, The Secretary of State, made the claim that the United States does NOT support Taiwan independence, giving China a massive propaganda victory.

Social Media: @NSFCspeaks

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