At the Mercy of the Big Banks – Greg Reese

Greg Reese

A digital prison is being built around us

In 1975 New York City was over eleven billion dollars in debt. And the banks were no longer there to bail them out. Instead, the bankers made them sweat, never showed up to the meeting, and then created a committee that they controlled so that the banks could manage the city directly. This has been brilliantly documented in the Adam Curtis film HyperNormalisation.

That was nearly fifty years ago. And so you can be sure that the banks manage everything now. Politicians are merely their puppets. Which was recently made blatantly obvious with the public display of Diane Feinstein and her handlers.

Politicians are only there to keep the people divided and distracted. And they have so far been hugely successful at that. While a cashless society is slowly being built around us, everyone is hyper-emotional about something else and focused on fighting each other. Which is most certainly exactly what the banks were shooting for. Because once they get us off of cash and completely onto a digital system then the banks will have absolute control over each and every one of us.

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